Connecting With Annie B. Bond

Connecting With Annie B. Bond

100018There are nice people in this world.  And, I had the pleasure of connecting with one of them – Annie B. Bond.  Annie kindly accepted the invitation to be interviewed on my blog and I was over-the-moon about it.  I’ve read a couple of her books, “Better Basics” and “Home Enlightenment” and they had an impact on how I looked at the world and how I chose to live.  If you don’t know who she is, she is an author, activist, green-living expert and contributor to numerous publications including the Huffington Post.  So, basically, she’s no schlub.

She is someone who was the victim of circumstances that changed her life in devastating ways.  Through necessity, she had to find a way to live in this world as purely as she possibly could because, quite literally, her life depended on it.  And, through her perseverance and relentless pursuit of knowledge, she has offered the world new perspectives.

One thing that I learned from her books was to be conscious.  It’s so easy to NOT be conscious as we live.  We’re all busy, we all have things to do and places to go and people to see that it can be so difficult to be conscious. To slow down.  To appreciate the little things.  To notice.  To understand.  To try to do better.

It’s a good thing when you connect with someone who reminds you to do these things.  Here’s the interview with Annie.

Live well and be happy!


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  1. Oh, so true, what you said. “It’s so easy to NOT be conscious…” I want to do better in many areas, but it’s so easy not to make the change. Baby steps, Fiona, baby steps… I enjoyed reading the interview. Sounds like she has brought much change for good to her life and others’ from those terrible things that happened to her!

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