5 Tips For Treating Allergies Naturally

5 Tips For Treating Allergies Naturally

5 Tips For Treating Allergies


Spring and summer are brutal times for allergy sufferers.  With pollen everywhere and blossoms in full bloom, it’s no wonder people flock to their pharmacies to grab their favorite over-the-counter allergy medications to find relief.

It does not have to be that way, however.  There are effective and natural ways to treat allergy symptoms without the need for medications.

Tips To Keep The Doctor Away

1. Nasal Irrigation



Nasal irrigation (or sometimes called nasal lavage) is an excellent way to clear debris and other irritants from nasal passages.  This method of cleansing the sinuses has been a practice for centuries in parts of Asia.  While there is no definitive way to clean out the sinuses, one method of using a ceramic pot (Neti Pot) has gained popularity in recent years.

“Neti” is Sanskrit for “nasal cleansing” and has been practiced by yogis for centuries in India.  It was one of the six cleansing methods or “kriyas” and was believed to facilitate clear thinking.

If you are new to using a Neti Pot, here are some tips.

  • Make sure the Neti Pot is thoroughly clean.

  • Fill the pot with warm water and pour in ½ tsp or 2 ½ mg sea salt.

  • Stir the water until the salt dissolves.

  • Tilt your head over to one side over a sink.

  • Put the tip of the Neti Pot up to nostril that is facing up.

  • Pour the water in.

The water will come out the other side.  Prepare yourself!  It is definitely strange if you have never done it before!  Discomfort is usually not felt, however, sometimes it can sting slightly depending on whether or not your sinuses are inflamed.

If I’ve been sneezing a lot because of dust or pollen, I find immediate relief after using the neti pot. Find a neti pot here.

2. Homeopathic remedies  


There are quite a few homeopathic remedies for allergies and hay fever.  I’m just going to focus on a few that I have used personally and list the others for reference.  Homeopathic remedies work differently than other types of medications.  It is based on the philosophy of ‘like treating like’ and was founded by Samuel Hahnemann in 1796.  There are no side effects with homeopathy and it helps to stimulate the body’s immune response to work on its own.

Allium Cepa – Symptoms that should match this treatment are eyes that are swollen, red and burning.  Another characteristic that is important for this remedy to be effective is profuse tearing of the eyes and incessant sneezing.  If these symptoms are evident then Allium Cepa might be appropriate. Find Allium Cepa here.

Nux Vomica – Nux Vomica is a good choice if allergy symptoms are worse in the morning especially upon waking.  Nasal discharge throughout the day is another symptom that should be present, in addition to nasal stuffiness. Find Nux Vomica here.

Arsenicum Album – Symptoms to match with this remedy include extreme sneezing that includes a tickling inside the nose.  Nasal stuffiness with alternating nostrils containing the blockage in addition to sensitivity to light should also be there in order for Arsenicum Album to be most effective. Find Arsenicum Album here.

Other remedies include Arsenicum Lodatum, Dulcamara and Euphrasia.

If you find that these remedies are not effective, it might be worth your time to visit a homeopathic physician because homeopathic remedies are very specific and a more thorough diagnosis might be needed in order to properly tailor the treatment.

3. Bee Pollen

bee pollen


Most of the evidence backing bee pollen is anecdotal, but if you realize that it has been used by different cultures dating back to the time of the Phoenicians then perhaps thousands of years of use may be evidence enough. Bee pollen has been known to be especially effective for those suffering from seasonal allergies.

Its strong antioxidant properties help to build up a body’s resistance to allergens.  Eating bee pollen from your area can be your natural inoculation against the allergens that trouble you most. Find bee pollen here.

4. Probiotics


There have been studies conducted in which participants saw a marked decrease in allergies after the incorporation of probiotics into their diets.  If the majority of our immune system is located in our guts, it would be well-reasoned to assume that when our guts are out of balance in terms of beneficial bacteria then this imbalance may present itself by way of allergies.

Most people think of probiotics in terms of yogurt but there are other ways of taking in these beneficial bacteria.  Consuming fermented vegetables, kombucha, kefir, yogurt, and natto are just a few ways to increase the beneficial bacterial flora in your intestines.

source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16313688

5. Acupuncture



According to a recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, acupuncture treatment helped participants to decrease their reliance on antihistamines and decreased their overall allergy symptoms.

I have received acupuncture treatments myself and can attest to the fact that it did help to alleviate my allergy symptoms.  Acupuncture helps to balance what is imbalanced and when coupled with lifestyle changes, it can be very effective long term.

source: http://annals.org/article.aspx?articleid=1583578

Even beginning with one of these methods can start you on the road towards wellness with less reliance on medications.  Being in tune with your body takes practice, and with practice comes intuition.  Intuition fosters wellness.

Live well and be happy,



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  1. I had no idea that eating local honey could be a way to help improve your pollen allergies. It is interesting that eating it will help your body get used to the pollen you are exposed to. However, it still seems like a good idea to have medical treatments for your allergies ready in case this doesn’t help.

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  3. I do think that there is something to be said for natural remedies that a lot of people don’t consider. Many people just would rather spend a lot of money on other forms of healthcare. However, I think that many people would be surprised to find the remedies you suggested to be effective for allergies. Do you have any other tips when it comes to taking natural medicines?

  4. Thanks for the allergy treatment ideas. Dealing with spring allergies is no fun, that’s for sure. I had no idea that probiotics could maybe help with allergies. I thought those were just for digestive health, but I guess not!

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