All-Natural Anti-Fungal Spray

All-Natural Anti-Fungal Spray

anti-fungal spray

Did you know that you can make your own anti-fungal spray right at home? And, it’s just two ingredients! This magical spray includes only water and tea tree oil. That’s it! Tea tree oil is a wonderful natural therapy and has a variety of uses. Here are just some of the ailmentsĀ that tea tree oil can treat.

  • nail fungus
  • athlete’s foot
  • acne
  • lice
  • scabies
  • skin infections
  • insect bites
  • dandruff

Tea tree oil is processed from the Melaleuca plant and is native to Australia. It has been used for thousands of years by the Aboriginal people from that region. They discovered the healing properties and use the plant to naturally treat burns and skin infections. The name ‘tea tree’ was coined by Captain Cook in the 1770s after he observed these native folks brewing the leaves into a tea.

The oil from the leaves contains terpenoids. These are compounds that have antiseptic and anti-fungal properties.

How To Make Your Own

It is very simple to make your own antiseptic and anti-fungal spray. Here’s what you will need.

  • 8 oz. dark spray bottle (light causes oxidation and can lessen the effectiveness of the oil)
  • Tea tree oil (find it here)

Fill the bottle with water and add 10 drops of oil to the water and mix vigorously.

How To Use Tea Tree Oil

You can use the spray on your scalp to treat dandruff. It can be sprayed directly on feet infected with athlete’s foot. Topical fungal infections can also be treated with the spray.

For nail fungus, I have used it straight from the bottle with no dilution. I apply the oil underneath the nail bed and also on top of the nail.

It is important to use this treatment topically. It is toxic if taken internally.

For larger jobs, a bigger batch of the spray can be made and it can be used for general household cleaning. Spray on countertops or in the bathroom as a natural antimicrobial cleaner.

I hope it works just as well for you!






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