Finding Our Way

Finding Our Way

I have been wondering what should be the topic of my first ‘real’ post and I came to the conclusion that it should be a discussion with none other than the person who was integral in inspiring me to pursue a lifestyle that was more naturally based.  I hesitate even saying ‘naturally based’ because what does that even mean?  Well, for me it meant eliminating things that I found to be harmful to my health and adding things that were beneficial.

In my quest to learn more, I quickly found out that there is a lot. of. information out there.  So much so that it created more confusion for me than clarity.  This was where Davina Sanders steps in.  Davina is someone that I had the pleasure of meeting when I was living in the United States in Maine.  She became a health counselor after graduating from the esteemed Integrative Nutrition Institute in New York City.   She was a resource to me when I had a lot of questions about what was ‘right’ and what I should avoid.

I interviewed Davina and asked her a lot of questions that have been on my mind recently.  Like always, I left wanting to know and understand more.  I am inspired by her continued dedication to health and wellness and I aspire to follow the same course.

One thing that I learned in my own personal quest, however, and through my interactions with Davina as a health counselor, is that there is no one answer.  We live in a society that yearns to be ‘right’ at all times whether it’s politics or food choices and this ambiguity can be disconcerting for most people.  What I discovered that helped me most was that you learn, you listen to your body and you have to discern what is best for you.

Live well and be happy!


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