Juicing Wheatgrass Without a Juicer

Juicing Wheatgrass Without a Juicer


juice wheatgrass without juicier

Photo credit: James Cridland

Juicing fresh wheatgrass is a delight.  It’s refreshing and is a great nutritional supplement.  Juicing wheatgrass is a cinch if you have a wheatgrass juicer, but what to do if you don’t?!  No problem!  Juicing wheatgrass without a juicer is super easy.  You just need the right items.

What You Will Need

1. Wheatgrass clippings

2. French press (find it here)

3. Your choice of juice or water.

4. Immersible blender (find it here)

Wheatgrass collage

That’s it!

It is very easy to grow wheatgrass.  In about a week you will have enough grass clippings to use for your drink.

Steps For Juicing Your Wheatgrass

1. Cut off a section of the wheatgrass to about 2 inches above the growth line.  The reason for this is because wheatgrass tends to grow with mold at the base and you don’t want any mold on your clippings.

2. Put the clippings into a container and have your immersible blender handy.  You can also use a regular blender but we don’t have one at the moment.  Our immersible one works great and we use it for just about anything that requires mixing or blending.

3. Use some juice of your choice.  I have used grapefruit or orange juice, personally, but you just need some sort of liquid in there.  If you are a purist, you can simply use water.  Most recently, I have been juicing other vegetables and fruits with our juicer and then added that to the wheatgrass juice but that is a bit more involved to post here.  I have recently steered clear of many commercially produced orange juices because they are just not that good for you.  But, in a pinch I will use orange or grapefruit juice.

4. Cut the clippings into little pieces so they don’t get wrapped around the blades.  Just blend it for about a minute or so until you see that the mixture is really green.

5. Then add the mixture into your french press.  If you blend long enough the grass may be fairly emulsified.  Carefully pour the juiced wheatgrass and juice into a cup.

6. Voila!  You have your freshly juiced wheatgrass!

wheatgrass finished

If you are interested in growing wheatgrass right in your own home, it is so easy to do. Here’s a post on it. Wheatgrass has a pleasant sweet flavor and if you are new to it, ease into it!   It is a strong detoxifier so don’t overdo it!

Live well and be happy!





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  1. LOL! Susan, you should see my garden window!!! I’ve got 3 containers of wheat grass growing, broccoli starts, and lettuce micro greens!

    I throw the wheat grass clippings into my Vita Mix when I make my green smoothie!

  2. It was excited to come across your site a short while ago. I arrived here today hoping to learn interesting things. I was not upset. Your well thought out ideas with new strategies on this subject matter were enlightening and a great help to me. Thank you for making time to create these things and for sharing your mind.

  3. Can you mix the powder into things other than water? How often should you drink it and the natural taste isn’t really nasty is it?? Do you have any idea of markets or stores that sell the powder?? I want to start using it!!

    • I’ve never used the powder. There might be health food stores that carry it but I’m not sure. I would rather use it fresh after it’s been juiced because all of the enzymes and vitamins are more bio-available. I think that when you process things even further it degrades the product. Just grow it and juice it yourself. It’s easy-peasy!

    • Hi Connie! To be honest, I didn’t measure. If you look at the pan, I cut about half of it and juiced that. I didn’t weigh or measure how much it was. Since I add the juice to it, it’s hard to measure how much of it is actually pure wheatgrass. I have a wheatgrass juicer at home and it’s great. I may bring it back to Switzerland this summer. It’ REALLY heavy, though! Please let me know how it turns out for you. Wheatgrass is so wonderfully nutritious and so easy to grow on your own. Good luck!

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