The Cavity-Free Dental Routine

The Cavity-Free Dental Routine



Yup. That’s me. Those are my red lips and my teeth. I did use a filter so my skin didn’t look so pore-y (is that a word?), but other than that, it’s all me, baby! Even though I have had some hesitation writing this post, I’ve been asked now by readers and friends alike about my brushing/dental hygiene routine so I figured a post should be dedicated to it.

The reason for my hesitation is pretty simple. Some people just have good teeth. For example, I have a friend who has been a vegetarian most of her life and has a real penchant for sweet things. She’s only had one cavity in her entire life. One.  The reason I mention that she’s a vegetarian is because there’s a growing segment of the natural living community who believe that being a vegetarian is not only hazardous to your overall health, but especially detrimental to your dental health. This is due to the belief that certain vitamins and minerals can be only be found in animal products. Not consuming these products creates a deficiency in these nutrients, and therefore makes one’s body more prone to decay and disease. One place this can manifest itself is within one’s teeth. Now, if this were true across the board then my vegetarian friend with the voracious sweet tooth would have a mouth full of holes. But, she doesn’t.

Now, I’ve only had 3 cavities in my life and I’m 42 years old. I think that’s a pretty decent record, but I also don’t know if I just have good teeth. One thing I do know about my friend and me is that we take pretty good care of our teeth. She’s very dedicated about her dental hygiene and so am I. Does it help to keep us cavity-free? I like to think so.

In fact, I just came back from a recent dentist appointment after not having a cleaning or regular visit in over FIVE years. Not a cavity to be seen. I used the opportunity to experiment on myself because while in Bulgaria, I had some tooth sensitivity and I did go to a dentist there to simply tell me (I didn’t want any work done) if I had a cavity. He informed me that I, in fact, had one cavity that was visible to him. He said I had a few months to wait until it would become problematic. The few months turned into a year and a half while I tried several natural remedies to get rid of my cavity. It, apparently, worked!

My Daily Routine

Morning: I brush with regular flouridated toothpaste using the softest bristle brush I can find. Yes, I realize this is not very ‘natural’ and I’m very aware of the dangers of flouride, but I am not quite ready to jump off the flouride toothpaste ship yet.

Occasional mid-day brushing: There are times that I will brush in the middle of the day and it’s usually because I’ve had something sweet to eat. I don’t like to keep the sugar on my teeth or in my mouth so if it’s convenient or I’m home then I will brush my teeth. This is also with regular, flouride toothpaste.

Evening: Now, this is where one might view me as a little OCD about my brushing routine.  First, I gargle with some hydrogen peroxide. This really gets at the bacteria on the teeth and I like the fizzy action. I spit out the hydrogen peroxide but I don’t rinse. Then I brush first with flouridated toothpaste. Rinse well. Then I floss. After, I brush again with half flouride toothpaste and half ‘remineralizing’ homemade toothpaste. (I will dedicate a later post to this homemade toothpaste, as well.) I brush my tongue and rinse well.

Now, that’s not too bad, is it?!

The Inside Counts, Too

In addition to my brushing routine, I also ordered some cod liver oil/high vitamin butter pills. According to Weston A. Price Foundation, this is the magic bullet for keeping one cavity-free. I figured it was worth a try. I started taking them about 6 months ago every day. I have also taken liquid form cod liver oil. I have to say I prefer the pills. 😉

I do like sweets but I also know that it wreaks havoc on your teeth. I try to limit my consumption or at the very least brush my teeth after eating them. I also will eat more sensibly on the days proceeding after big sugar consumption days to try and balance things out.

Building The Arsenal

I’m happy with my brushing routine, but I’d like to fortify some more, too. I’m in the process of making my own remineralizing mouth wash that I’ll use probably in the morning and evening. I think every little bit helps!

Please share with me what you do to keep your pearly whites healthy and happy so we can all learn from each other.

Live well and be happy 🙂


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