Love, Light and Laughter: Making a Home Away From Home

Love, Light and Laughter: Making a Home Away From Home

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This post is a bit of a diversion from my usual fare. I wanted to share some thoughts on what it has been like to live away from ‘home’ for the past 6 years. By the time we had made our decision to move our life and family halfway across the world, I was ready for whatever adventure lay before us. I think, though, that I had some very romantic ideas about living in a foreign land. All the research in the world was never going to replace ‘real-life’ experience.

Bulgaria – The Balkan Jewel

We spent 4 years in Bulgaria. It’s the place we moved to when we began our fresh start overseas. I have a great love for the country and the people there. It is a beautiful place steeped in history. I remember being in awe that I would pass Thracian ruins on the way to taking my daughter to kindergarten.

If you’ve read my blog then you would be familiar with my love affair with food. Bulgaria only helped to intensify that love. We enjoyed the most delicious watermelons, sumptuous feta cheeses, tomatoes that rivaled any from Italy, and the crunchiest cucumbers.

I would be insincere, however,  if I said that it was all a bed of roses while living there (though they do have beautiful roses!). Living in the former Eastern Bloc has its own unique challenges regardless of where you are, and Bulgaria was no different. It didn’t dampen our spirits, though, or decrease our love of the place. In fact, it may have intensified it as we witnessed first-hand how people moved through day-to-day challenges to make a life for themselves.


Nevski Cathedral

We passed the beautiful Nevski Cathedral every day.

One of the other wonderful blessings of living in Bulgaria was getting opportunities to perform. I made music with fantastic musicians who have become lifelong friends.


This is me after a concert in the chamber hall at Bulgaria Hall in Sofia. Baby #2 was on the way…

My husband was in school so we didn’t have the means or opportunity to travel as much as we wanted but we managed to see quite a bit of the country while we were there.


This is our oldest when she was about 3 years old stomping around the grounds of the Rila Monastery.

Perfect Timing – Switzerland

We are currently in Switzerland and we are also very happy here. It’s very different than Bulgaria. We don’t know how long we will be here, but we take each day as it comes as we have thus far. Our kids are happy here and we are still in the discovery phase of our journey.


This literally took my breath away. It was my first time up in the Alps.

We are very close to France and Germany and have been able to venture out to see places that are easily within reach.


This is the view of the Rhein River from atop Muenster Cathedral in the middle of Basel, Switzerland.


Christmas Markets. You can find them throughout the region.


We are in the midst of our adventure and we are looking forward to what the future holds. If you are interested in reading more, I did a guest post for a fellow blogger, Ariana at And, Here We Are. Here’s the link to the post.

Thank you for dropping by!

Here’s to living well and being happy 🙂




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