DIY Roasted Cashew Butter

DIY Roasted Cashew Butter

roasted cashew butter


If you are interested in eliminating preservatives and questionable ingredients out of your diet, making everyday food products at home can help greatly in this regard. I have wanted to make homemade nut butter for a while, but it wasn’t until recently that we’d invested in a quality food processor. I can’t believe I lasted this long without one!

I started a candida cleanse a couple of months ago and one of the protein sources that was allowed was cashew butter. I bought a jar from the health food store and was hooked. It was so creamy, so delicious and even slightly sweet. I wondered if I could make it at home and adjust the recipe to my tastes. I was so happy with the result.

1. Start with 200 grams or 1 cup of raw, cashews (preferably organic).


2. Turn the stovetop onto medium. Add 1 tbs of ghee to your pan.IMG_2913

3. Roast the cashews in the ghee for a few minutes stirring constantly. They will start to brown quickly.IMG_2915

4. Add the cashews to the food processor. I used the smaller bowl insert because I wasn’t making a big batch this time. Add the salt and vanilla.IMG_2917

5. This is what it looks like on the regular setting (I have only 2 settings and pulse) after 2 minutes. IMG_2919

6. This is about 10 minutes later. It starts to pull together in clumps. IMG_2921

7. This is about 5 minutes later and it’s looking really creamy now as the oils are starting to come out of the cashews. I also add a little bit (approximately 1 tsp) of melted ghee and 1-2 tsp of walnut oil to help break down the nuts. You don’t have to do this because the nuts will eventually release their oils, but I wanted a slightly runnier texture.


8. The nut butter with my food processor (KitchenAid) lasts about 15-20 minutes. This may be faster or slower depending on the model. Just continue to blend until you get the texture you like. Spoon it into a jar or whatever container you choose.


9. Done!


DIY Roasted Cashew Butter


  • 200 grams or 1 cup of raw cashews (preferably organic) (find it here)
  • 1/2 tsp or 6 grams of salt
  • 1/2 tsp or 2 ml of vanilla extract (find it here)
  • 1 tbs or 15 ml of melted ghee or other nut oil (I used walnut)


  1. Turn the stove to medium and add the ghee. After the pan is hot enough and the ghee is melted, add the cashews. Turn them constantly so they don't burn. Roast them for a couple of minutes. Then add them to the food processor along with the salt and vanilla.. After about 5 minutes, use a spatula and scrape down the sides so all loose cashew bits are back in the bowl. When the cashews start to clump up, you can add the oils. Let the food processor run for approximately 15-20 minutes or until it is the consistency you want.

I am a little obsessed with this nut butter. I’m going to make a homemade version of nutella next, but for the moment, I’m very happy to have apple slices and my roasted cashew butter as a healthy and nourishing snack.

Wishing you all health and happiness 🙂


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