Easy And Crunchy Soaked Granola

Easy And Crunchy Soaked Granola

soaked granola

Breakfast is an important meal.  It is the first meal in which you ‘break’ your ‘fast’ from the previous night’s sleep.  It is also the fuel that you will provide your body to start the day.  What you choose to put into your body will have an affect on how you feel throughout the day.

While there might be some who think that skipping breakfast is a good idea to shed some pounds the opposite effect can occur as many may overeat later in the day.  Eating a healthy and nourishing breakfast helps to jumpstart your metabolism.

If I have some time, I like to juice fresh fruits and vegetables and that may serve as my breakfast.  Other times, I may make eggs or have plain yogurt with some fresh fruit.

One favorite breakfast choice in our home is soaked granola.  Why soaked?  Soaking helps to break down the grain in order to make it more digestible for the body.  It is believed that ancient and traditional cultures soaked their grains and legumes in order to make it easier for the body to assimilate.

I can’t make enough of this stuff because my family eats it at breakfast and my husband will even reach for it as a snack sometimes.  I find myself having to make a fresh batch every week.

Here it is 🙂

Easy And Crunchy Soaked Granola



  1. Soak your oats and flour 6-24 hours in the apple cider vinegar and water prior to baking. Also, soak them in the pan that you will use to bake them in. It should be large enough that the oats will be able to be spread evenly and thinly across the pan.
  2. After soaking is completed, add your oil to a pan and add the sweetener, vanilla and water. Heat and stir until the sweetener is dissolved.
  3. Add the mixture to the soaked oats. Make sure the mixture is thoroughly distributed throughout the oats.
  4. Now bake at 65 degrees celsius or 150 degrees fahrenheit for at least 8 hours. I usually just stick it in before I go to bed and the granola is ready in the morning. If the granola is still not completely dry and crunchy, turn up the heat and leave it in until it is completely dry. Since ovens vary from home to home, you may need to just check on it occasionally to see if it's done.
  5. Once the granola is done you will need to break it apart. I use a wooden spoon or a spatula and break the granola into bite-size pieces.

Store this granola in a airtight glass container and it will keep for weeks.  You can eat this granola plain with your favorite milk or sprinkle it over some yogurt and add some fresh berries.

If you are new to soaking, this is a delicious and easy recipe to try to get you started. Let me know if you try it!

Live well and be happy 🙂


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