Refined Sugar-Free Popsicles

Refined Sugar-Free Popsicles

Refined Sugar-Free Popsicles

We are in the midst of a heat wave in Switzerland and I don’t mind one bit. It just prompts me to get outside and find the nearest water source! When the temperatures are high, the kids want something cold to snack on. I try to keep popsicles in the freezer so when the mercury soars, they can have something nutritious to snack on.

This is a really simple recipe. Well, it’s hard to even call it a recipe because it’s just the 100% juice of your choice and a popsicle holder, but it’s a better alternative to the sugar-laden options you’ll find at the store!

I love these popsicle molds because they work great in my freezer. They stand upright and are no-drip.

Here’s how I used them.

  1. Snap them all together in a row.IMG_5186
  2. Choose your juice! We like orange juice.IMG_5184
  3.  Pour your choice of 100% juice into the molds.
  4. Place them upright in the freezer. After the popsicles are frozen, take one out and you might need to run it under hot water to loosen it. Then pop the removed popsicle on top of the casing. The casing serves as a reservoir for the melting popsicle. No drip!

Refined Sugar-Free Popsicles


  • 100% juice
  • popsicle molds (find them here)


  1. Pour into molds and put into the freezer.

These are a great option to sugary popsicles which are essentially sugar, artificial colors and artificial flavors. Make your own and save money and save yourself having a mess, too!

Wishing you all health and happiness 🙂


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