Crispy Veggie Chips

Crispy Veggie Chips


We have been living in Switzerland now for about a year and a half, and while I love it here there are some things that I can’t get here and have missed.

Kale.  Yes, kale.

I have diligently searched during this entire period for my beloved kale…but, to no avail.  I made kale chips while in the US and also while staying with some friends of ours in the UK.  My kids DEVOURED them.  They are really delicious and a wonderful alternative to regular potato chips.

I was determined to make veggie chips if it was the last thing I did.  Well, I did it!  [and, hopefully, that’s not the last thing I do ;)]

I have to even admit that I like this version better than the kale chips only because they are a bit crunchier and heartier. Think kettle veggie chip. I used a Savoy or curly cabbage instead of kale. Its leaves are thicker and pack a mean crunch when you bite into them.  This is what a single leaf looks like.


Kale chips have had their heyday for sometime now. If you want to try something different, this is a delicious option.

Here’s the recipe.

Crispy Veggie Chips


  • 1 head of Savoy or curly cabbage
  • Salt to taste (I used approximately 1/2 tbs or 7.5 grams)
  • 1/3 cup or 43 grams of nutritional yeast
  • 3 tbs or 45 grams of healthy oil (I used cold pressed, organic sunflower oil)


  1. Take apart all of the leaves from the cabbage and rinse in cold water.
  2. There is a vein in the center of each leaf and I cut around it. When made into a chip, the vein can be really hard to chew so I leave it out.
  3. Cut into chip size pieces and place in a large mixing bowl
  4. Pour the oil over the cabbage pieces and massage. Take care to place oil on all of the pieces.
  5. Sprinkle salt onto the individual pieces and mix together.
  6. Sprinkle nutritional yeast and mix together.
  7. Lay each piece on individual trays in your dehydrator.
  8. Set for 8 hours.

My dehydrator is not particularly fancy and doesn’t have different temperature settings but I’m very happy with it.  If yours is a type with settings, use the lowest to be safe and if the chips are not done at 8 hours then let them go longer.  For my dehydrator, once the 8 hours was up, I checked on the chips and they were perfectly crispy.  You can store these chips in an airtight, glass container, though ours don’t usually last that long in there!

Let me know if you try these out!

Live well and be happy 🙂


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